Creatures of Kalijor


Dwarves are a subterranean race that are intelligent, belligerent, and extremely capable builders and excavators. As a rule, dwarves make excellent craftsmen and artisans, some of the finest weapons and armor in Kalijor have been credited back to dwarven craftsmen. Dwarves and elves tend not to get along very well due to some ancient hostility between their two peoples, although not openly combative under normal circumstances, it takes very little coaxing to get a dwarf to into a confrontation with an elf. »


Elves are an elegant, intelligent, and prideful people. They are the masters of whatever they undertake, always striving to be without peer. It is this attitude which is said to have led to the great war millennia ago when elven and dwarven craftsmen were driven to war over the subject of who’s skills where the better when it came to forging magical weapons. Since that war the elves have almost entirely given up the art of metal working, preferring instead to devote themselves to nature, magic and wood working. »

Equun Draco

This creature is a strange cross between a dragon and a horse. Their legs are strong and thick with muscles with clawed toes in any number from two to five. They have long necks, usually about the same length as their body, that are very flexible and fully articulate. They have long, whip-like tails that are anywhere from two to three times the length of their bodies and end in some form of bone blade, or club. »


Felinoids appear to be a combination of cats and humans. They are covered in fur, which is typically short and soft although some have had coarse or long fur, from head to toe. They have pointed, articulated ears, whiskers, slitted pupils, a keen sense of smell and retractable claws in their fingers and toes. Most felinoids have tails and their coloring and patterning ranges all over the place, some following similar designs as typical big game cats, others more like the more domesticated house cats. »


Gnomes are small, generally frail looking individuals that normally live in subterranean locations. They are smaller even than dwarves but seem to share their same brash attitudes, tending to think everyone else is intellectually inferior to them despite any illustrations to the contrary. Gnomes are consummate tinkerers, always trying to invent or improve things in strange new ways. The studious nature of gnomes makes them excellent mages while their small stature makes them a poor choice for physical combat, although such things are not entirely unheard of. »


Goblins are short, hairless humanoids that are particularly clever in the ways of misdirection. They Have long, pointy ears, inky black eyes, and four digits on each hand/foot. Their size ranges from around two feet to nearly four feet and their color is usually some shade of green, although some yellows and greys are not unheard of. Goblins enjoy games of trickery and chance and make excellent thieves. Average Life Span: 100 to 250 years. »


Humans are by far the most plentiful race in Kalijor. They range in skin tones from pale white through dark brown, almost ebony. They are an intelligent race that learns quickly but oft times makes rash decisions as they are still quite young, in racial terms. Their life span is short in comparison to the other major races of Kalijor with most living around eighty years although some have lived well into their hundreds. »


Lycanthropes are a curiosity in Kalijor. There are two different veins of the race, the canine and the feline. While it is not known how either race originated, what is known is that the different veins propagate differently. The canine lycanthropes pass on their lycanthropy through the exchange of bodily fluids, saliva, blood and the like. They are a particularly aggressive species that is not well liked by any of the other civilized races and due to their inability (or refusal) to accept more civilized ways of living, they have been hunted to near extinction by the rest of the world. »


Minotaur are a bovine species that look like a hybrid of a human and a bull (This is not the case however, and will incur their wrath if it is suggested in their presence). They are covered in coarse hair, have hooves for feet, human-like hands and the head of a large bull. Minotaur are extremely strong and make excellent fighters/warriors. Their race is honorable and proud, but not to a fault. »


Obscuri are a race of elves that have evolved along very different lines from their other brothers and sisters. Long ago, during the ancient wars that threatened to destroy all of Kalijor, a group of elves developed new forms of immensely powerful magic which they used to imbue a number of artifacts with supernatural abilities unheard of previously. These elves then used these items to bring peace to Kalijor. But the peace was short lived as other races began to realize what level of power these elves had achieved. »