Vital Statistics

Name: Luna

Other Names: The Moon

Location: Earth Orbit

Permanent Population: 4 billion

Transient Population: 1 million to 10 million souls

Imports: Nearly everything. The moon produces little in the way of real consumables or equipment, although it is the entertainment capital of the Sol system, boasting several major film companies and numerous other entertainment companies as well.

Exports: Movies and entertainment mostly.


The moon is now by far the most populace world in the Sol system. Its cities are domed enclosures that are built into the massive craters on the surface. Most of the cities are so large that they have developed their own internal weather systems. The capital city on the moon is Tranquility, which rests in the three-crater group known as the sea of tranquility. The total population of the moon is in the neighborhood of two-hundred to three-hundred billion people.

Earth’s moon is by far the next most populace body in the Sol system since it has been steadily colonized almost since the human race began stretching out beyond the bounds of their home world.

There are dozens of domed cities built on the surface of the moon, most of which have been built into existing craters, a practice that, while having no real structural or other engineering purpose, was how they began building them initially and so the practice simply continued as more and more facilities were constructed.

While most of the structures on the moon’s surface are cities, there are a great many that are agricultural or fabrication oriented, large factories or greenhouses.

Travel between the Earth Ring Station and the moon is relatively quick, with most ships being able to make the trip in around four hours.

Features/Places of Note

The largest structure on the surface of the moon is easily the city of Tranquility, which is built inside the massive crater of the same name.