Places of the Future


Vital Statistics Name: Achilles Other Names: Location: Mars (Equitorial region) Permanent Population: Around eight million Transient Population: 500,000 to 750,000 mostly to accommodate work crews for the Valles Marineris project Imports: Food, medical supplies, entertainment Exports: Manufactured goods of all kinds from small appliances through toys and sub-components for larger systems such as starships and their supporting systems. Description One of the major Martian cities, Achilles is located near the western edge of the Valles Marineris, a three-thousand mile long, mile deep trench that hugs the planet’s equator. »

Asteroid Belt

Vital Statistics Name: The Asteroid Belt Other Names: The Belt, or Beltway Location: Between Jupiter and Saturn Permanent Population: Around three million people. Transient Population: 100-5,000 Imports: Everything but food. Exports: The Belt is the Sol system’s primary source of raw metals and other hard construction materials. Description ‘The Belt’ refers to the community that lives and works in the asteroid belt that lay between Jupiter and Saturn. As such, it is not really a physical location, so much as a a series of cobbled-together space stations/habitats amongst the asteroids. »

Beier Ikhaya

Vital Statistics Name: Beier Ikhaya Other Names: Location: Permanent Population: Transient Population: Imports: Exports: Description Features/Places of Note Government History Spoilers Status: »


Vital Statistics Name: Ceres Other Names: The Dregs Location: The Primary Asteroid Belt (between Jupiter and Saturn) Permanent Population: Fifty million Transient Population: 500,000 to one million Imports: Mostly consumer products and finer goods that are luxury items not produced locally. Exports: A variety of raw materials and sub-components for starcraft, weapons, and facilities of all kinds. Description The largest of the planetoids in the Asteroid Belt and home to more than fifty million people and families who choose to live ‘off the grid’ as disidents. »

Daray's Penthouse

Vital Statistics Name: Daray’s Penthouse Other Names: Home Location: Tranquility, Luna Permanent Population: 2 Transient Population: A dozen or so, depending upon the day and what’s going on. Imports: Food, goods, friends, weapons, ammunition… Exports: A constant sense of wonder and lust for life. Description Originally purchased and furnished by Solidarity Online for use as housing for agents on assignment or in need of a safe house. Daray was given use of the home and its facilities when Xavier sent her to Tranquility to get to the bottom of the Aegis Online plan to kill or lobotomize millions of Kalijor players. »


Vital Statistics Name: The Dregs Other Names: Location: The Asteroid Belt (between Jupiter and Saturn) Permanent Population: Transient Population: Imports: Nothing critical. Mostly luxury items and goods that are not produced locally. Exports: Officially, Nothing. Unofficially, the Dregs is the largest producer of starship components, sensory systems, drives, and habitate modules/components in the solar system. Description The term ‘The Dregs’ does not refer to any place in particular but rather everything not covered specifically elsewhere. »


Vital Statistics Name: Earth Other Names: Mother Earth, The Cradel of Human civilization Location: Third Rock from the Sun Permanent Population: 0 Transient Population: 0 Imports: Nothing Exports: Nothing Description The cradle of human civilization. The blue-green gem in the night sky of every other world or station in the Sol system. Over five-hundred years ago the human race made a valiant attempt at destroying itself with the aid of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion weapons. »

Earth Ring Station

Vital Statistics Name: The Earth Ring Station Other Names: Ring Station, ‘Earth’ Location: Built in geo-synchronous orbit around Earth Permanent Population: 5 billion Transient Population: 10 million to 100 million souls Imports: Food, Raw materials both organic and non-organic, prefabricated starship components, entertainment. Exports: Medical supplies, Weapons, Starships (both sub-luminal and super-luminal). Description It consists of three massive rings that intersect at perpendicular angles to one another, perfectly quartering the planet. »


Vital Statistics Name: Hector Other Names: Location: Mars, Equitorial Region. Permanent Population: 5 million Transient Population: Imports: Manufactured goods and materials of all kinds. Exports: Food and medicinal plants and organic components. Description One of the major Martian cities, Hector is located near the eastern edge of the Valles Marineris, a three-thousand mile long, mile deep trench that hugs the planet’s equator. Near the western edge of the same fissure lies the sister city of Achilles . »


Vital Statistics Name: Jupiter Other Names: Location: Permanent Population: Around ten million souls. Transient Population: Imports: People, Machinery, Medical supplies, Food. Exports: Raw materials in the form of gasses and minerals mined from the planet itself and its moons. Description The Jupiter community is not one single settlement or location but rather numerous bases and stations that reside on the surface of many of the planet’s moons, and in orbit around the planet itself. »