Lana Frederick

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Lana Frederick (Maxalis)



Occupation: Former Prostitute, turned freelance adventurer

Date of Birth: May 12, 3023

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 115lbs

Hair Color: Royal Blue with white streak

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Physical Description: Lana has a toned body of medium height with stark, nearly alabaster skin, golden yellow eyes, and dark, royal blue hair with a white streak running fertically through it. She has a bushy, fox-like tail that is also blue, with a white tip, and her ears are slightly pointed, and bear tufts of blue fur sprouting from those tips.

General Description

She is calm, confident, and dresses as appropriate for the occasion, etiher showing off her amazing body for all to see, or conservatively, and she always looks amazing. She has mild empathic abilities, as well as the ability to see auras and instantly recal any fact or piece of information she has ever been exposed to.

Skills of Note

Lana has an extreme talent for, and love of, languages. She learns them in hours, and speaks fluently within days of exposure to a new language.

Seduction is a skill that she often puts to very good use, and is a talent for which she has developed a taste. She uses her body as a weapon and her years working at the brothel have taught her that sex is just sex when there is no emotion behind it. This allows her to use her body, and mind to best effect in nearly any situation.

Equipment of Note


Lana grew up the daughter of a working mother. She spent her formative years in the halls of an active brothel, learning everything she could from anyone who would teach her. Her quick wit and sharp eye for detail, not to mention her exotic looks, earned her a large roster of dedicated clients as soon as she was able to take them, and before she knew it she was following in her mother’s footsteps. Not that she minded. She loved the work and the variety it offered, and refused to bet tied down, as her mother had, to a single client. Because when that had gone south, it turned their entire world upside down.

When the brothel was mysteriously shut down and Lana was tagged as a potential Dissident sympathizer, it became impossible for her to get new work, so she was forced to rely on existing clients to pay the bills when her mother fell mysteriously ill and died. After that, things continued to get worse, as her loyal clients stopped calling her, one by one, eventually leaving her without income and alone on Venus Station.

When Daray fell into her life, literally, she was at wits end, and unsure what her next step might be. She helped Daray recover from some serious injuries, but was seen by the soldiers that were pursuing her new charge, which forced them both to flee for their lives. The pair quickly grew inseparable and, to this day, work, and live together in their home in Tranquility.


Status: Living