Vital Statistics

Name: Saturn

Other Names:


Permanent Population: Ten to 15 million souls.

Transient Population: 10,000 to 20,000 souls

Imports: People, Machinery, Medical supplies, Food.

Exports: Raw materials in the form of gasses and minerals mined from the planet itself and its thirty some moons.


The Saturn community is very similar to Jupiter in that it consists of numerous basses and stations that reside on the surface of many of the planet’s moons, and in orbit around the planet itself. The Saturn community’s primary export is noble gasses such as xenon and argon which are used as fuel in Ion drive systems that are one of the mainstays of intrasystem transportation.

Recently, several start-up companies have begun trying to build an ancillary ship yard in Saturn space in an attempt to reduce the cost of starship construction, a large portion of which is due to hauling and processing of raw materials. Thus far they have set up materials processing facilities in orbit around the planet itself and are dedicating those facilities’ output to the construction of their ship yards. The conglomerate has thus far kept their hands out of this new business, preferring to watch and see what happens. As long as the money keeps flowing out of the system they don’t much care what goes on there, unless it becomes a problem in some way. There is one primary space station in orbit around Saturn where all shipments are collated together and inventoried before they are shipped back to Earth. This is also where all imports arrive before they are divided up and shipped out to the smaller facilities.

Features/Places of Note