Daray (Dare) Bowen

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Daray (Dare) Bowen DaraySolo.png



Occupation: Pincher (corporate espionage expert)

Date of Birth: July 18, 3047

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 118 lbs (looks like she couldn’t weigh more than 90 lbs)

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Cobalt Blue

Physical Description: Short and almost scary thin, Daray is actually a lot tougher than she seems. She has a look about her that is at once very pleasing to the eye and at the same time engineered to fade quickly from memory. She wears her hair in a short style that hangs straight down from her head like a curtain covering her ears. It is short in the back (barely covering much below the base of her skull) and long in the front (hanging down to below her shoulders). Her dark, cobalt eyes are the only thing about her that tends to stick in people’s memories despite her obvious attractiveness. She always wears a skin-tight, rubbery catsuit that covers her from her neck down, even sealing in her fingers and toes. This ‘Skinsuit’ is able to morph and mould itself into a variety of shapes, colors, and densities, allowing her to simulate any sort of clothing up to and including battle armor and even a sealed space suit when necessary, however it will ALWAYS have a rubbery look, feel, and shine to it no matter what shape or color it takes on.

General Description

Daray, or ‘Dare’ as she likes to be called, is the result of an extreme amount of genetic and cybernetic re-engineering. Formerly a man known as Darren Erricson, Daray was born when one of Darren’s jobs went bad and he ended up covered in someone’s genetic engineering experiment. Working a deal with Solidarity Online to save himself, they provided him with facilities and support to see the experiment through to completion, since it had gone too far to be stopped or reversed. Daray helped uncover and stop a plot against Solidarity Online’s Kalijor MMO and has since become a free agent, carrying on with the espionage game using her new physiology and skills to some great effect. Dare has been genetically enhanced in so many ways that she really isn’t even human any more, with reinforced bones, increased muscle density, highly enhanced senses, reflexes, and speed. Her strangest talents are the ability to regenerate from almost any wound, including lost/severed limbs, and even a bullet wound to the head. She is also able to project a limited number of bio-plasma blasts from a series of glands concealed under the skin of her forearms. The last major modification to her body has been the addition of a super computer that has been squeezed into her skull and is home to an extremely advanced Artificial Intelligence called APRIL.

Skills of Note

As a long-time Pincher, Daray has developed considerable talent in the areas of clandestine movement/sneaking, defeating locks both electrical and mechanical, and hacking computer systems. She is an accomplished Traceur (practitioner of Parkour/Free-Running) and a Class 3 hand to hand combatant (with leanings toward Class 2) in the rather flamboyant art of Capoeria.

With the assistance of Solidarity Online Daray has learned more about cloak and dagger activities than she ever wanted but is able to now recognize and lose a tail with efficiency as well as having an ability to properly tail someone with minimum chance of detection. She can operate most general vehicles and is able to passably pilot small spacecraft (although she is by no means rated to handle emergency maneuvers or combat flying) and can operate most forms of communication equipment.

With her background growing up with two super-star Digerati and APRIL’s assistance, Daray is a more than accomplished computer hacker, able to circumvent most security measures and enter all but the most well protected networks and systems with relative ease. Her ability to operate independently from, or in conjunction with APRIL while hacking means that they can focus their efforts to defeat security twice as quickly, or attack a problem from different angles simultaneously, putting more pressure on system defenses/protectors.

Dealing with unscrupulous people and corporate officials for most of her life, Daray is also a fairly shrewd, if abrupt, negotiator with a fair understanding of corporate politics and sociological structures. While she generally wants nothing to do with such things, she is able to understand them and often uses them the gain the upper hand in negotiations, or for leverage.

Daray’s sarcastic wit, while not technically a skill, is a tool that she uses, mostly subconsciously, to both keep others at arm’s length and off balance. She’s found that making sure nobody can predict or expect what she will do next means that she can get away with much and remain secluded from the world and the dangers she perceives in deep personal connections.

Equipment of Note

Daray’s normal compliment of gear includes a good, high-quality ODN patch cable, a set of high-quality mechanical lock picks, and her trusty bastón.

Her bastón are a set of alloy sticks, approximately 24 inches in length and about an inch in diameter that she carries in a sheath, slung across her back. She uses them as both offensive and defensive weapons, as pry bars, door shims, and whatever else she may need. As simple metal sticks, they do not cause her much trouble at Conglomerate checkpoints or customs kiosks and she is able to take them almost everywhere with her as they are perceived by others as being less dangerous than a standard sidearm, which is legal to carry. One end of each of her bastón is able to be unscrewed from the shaft to reveal a tiny hollow inside where she keeps three platinum slips, making for a total of six slips worth approximately 12,000 Conglomerate credits. Her emergency fund, should she ever need money and not have access to her credit accounts or other physical currency.

At her home in Tranquility, Daray has an arsenal the likes of which Ares has never conceived, consisting of ballistic and energy weapons, explosives, ammunition, armor, tactical gear, sensory equipment for surveillance and tracking and much more. It was all provided by Solidarity Online and was never removed when possession of the apartment was transferred to her, although she rarely uses any of it, preferring to rely instead on her skills, abilities, natural talents, and the simplest tools possible.



Status: Living