Willhelmina Orlova

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Willhelmina Katarina Orlova WillhelminaSolo.png


Avatar/Player: Katrina Annwyn Thorindal

Occupation: Courier for Solidarity Online

Date of Birth: April 28, 3011

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 130lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Physical Description:

General Description

Willhelmina is a twenty-four year old woman who has spent more than half of her life almost continuously connected to Kalijor, in order to keep the character of Katrina as real as possible to Riana.

Willhelmina is an orphan who was adopted as a ward of Solidarity Online, the company that operates the game world of Kalijor, specifically for the purpose of monitoring Riana in the game world. She has an extremely strong emotional bond with Riana (having spent more than half of her life with her) and was the person that originally suggested giving Riana a real body to house her consciousness and rescue both her and the world of Kalijor from a hard crash resulting from Riana’s development into a sentient being.

Skills of Note

Recognizing that it is impossible for her to keep up with Riana physically, Willhelmina turned her ‘work skills’ development down a different road. Pouring all of her free time into the weapons range and ballistic sciences and armoring/gunsmithing. Combined with some latent natural talent for the science, she has turned herself into an exemplary marksman and a gunsmith without peer. While she knows Riana could very easily replicate most of what she does, she also realizes that her sister has little to no desire to do so, preferring to stay in close combat range, or avoid a fight altogether. As a result, Willhelmina has taken up the mantle of the team sniper and long-range support specialist by the fourth book in the main story arc.

At one point, Riana mentions Willhelmina’s skills to Vincent and Niko, describing one of her custom made weapons and its ammunition, which is a 25mm hard jacketed, armor piercing round with an electrically fired, oxygen impregnated shaped charge cartridge and a secondary stage ‘ram-jet’ solid rocket propulsion motor. Later in the series, she is seen making pinpoint shots with this rifle at ranges upwards of two miles, and in ‘The Aegis Protocol’ she is seen using it to support Riana and Daray in an assault on an Aegis Online research facility, during which she nearly removes one of Anja’s hands from more than a mile away.

Equipment of Note



Status: Living