The End

Vital Statistics

Registered Name: The End


Registered Owner: Tor Rayean

Captain: Tor Rayean

Registration Number:

Manufacturer: Mobius Industries

Construction Shipyard: Neo-Tokyo Shipyards (no longer in service)

Launch Date: Januray 18, 2214

Make: Medium Cargo Vessel

Model: MI-88

Centerline: 118 feet

Beam: 118 feet

Dry Weight: 321,000 pounds

Passenger Capacity: 5

Cargo Capacity: 10,000 pounds

Sub-Luminal Drive Type: Single High-Output Ion Drive

Super-Luminal Drive Type: None

Sub-Luminal Cruising Velocity: 30,000 MPH

Sub-Luminal Maximum Velocity: 40,000 MPH

Super-Luminal Cruising Velocity: N/A

Super-Luminal Maximum Velocity: N/A

Mean Earth-Luna Trip Time: 6 hours

General Description

This ancient (pre war) ship is one of the first intrastellar craft built for personal use. It is an extremely simple, circular design with very strong armor, weak shields, and moderate defensive weapons. The interior design consists of a single, circular hallway that runs through the ship, with quarters, living areas, the bridge, and the engine room all located on the outside of the ring, against the outer hull, and the mid-sized cargo hold nestled in the center, toward the bottom of the vessel. Cargo is loaded and off-loaded via a circular pad that descends from the bottom of the ship, and makes up the entire floor of the cargo hold, which allows extremely easy access to the entire space for purposes of loading, unloading, and sorting cargo.

The ship is not only extremely old, but it is showing its age. Tor does little to keep the vessel in good condition, only spending money on it when something is broken. He does not clean any of the interior spaces, making the entire habitable area look like a garbage dump, and smell like one too. The only exception to this is the cockpit, which he routinely upgrades with the best controls and acoutriments available. It is little wonder then, that he spends most of his time in his extremely comfortable, extremely expensive, captain’s chair.

Sensor Systems of Note

Defensive Systems of Note

Offensive Systems of Note

Rail Guns Missiles

Special Features of Note

The ship’s old design means there are lots of little (and some large) nooks and crannies that can be used to stash away any less-than-legal cargo he might be hauling.



Status: In Service