Vital Statistics

Full Name: Exodus


Avatar/Player: Jax Arianas

Occupation: Mage (Teleportation/Travel specialty)

Date of Birth: 35 years old

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180lbs

Hair Color: None (Dark Brown Mustache)

Eye Color: Light Grey

Physical Description: He has a bald head and a well kept mustache that merges into an equally well managed beard of dark brown whiskers. His eyes are a clear, light-grey color and he is normally very calm and collected.

General Description

Exodus is a human mage who is an understudy of Master Gornin at the Cohai Observatory. He is an extremely accomplished wielder of the arcane arts, specializing in spells of teleportation and transportation.

He typically examines any given situation from all possible angles before taking action, but seems to understand that sometimes direct action is required quickly and is capable of acting under pressure fairly well. While seemingly very quiet and reserved, he is an extremely passionate individual who will go to great lengths for anyone he sees as a friend.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Exodus is killed by Malice at the end of the Third Key of Kalijor (a murder that also kills Jax, his player in the real world), but managed to live on through a copy of his mind that Jax had made prior to his murder. He persists through the fourth and most of the fifth books, taking the form of an animated, floating book in Kalijor, and a disembodied mind living in computers and on the net in the real world. However, by the end of the Fifth Key of Kalijor, he is alive and well, living in Kalijor with Katrina in Pandoria.