Zyrik the Dragon Slayer was forged by the dwarven masters in the mystical forges of Kalek’Tinal untold ages ago. The weapon was created with the singular purpose of laying waste to the scourge of dragons that had befallen Kalijor and crushed the will of its people beneath their scaly might. The weapon is imbued with the power to do incredible amounts of damage to beings with draconic blood coursing through their veins but its most devastating power was not even conceived of by the greatest craftsmen and mages on Kalijor until the day it was invoked by its wielder.

The greatest Weaponmaster in Kalijor’s history was given charge of Zyrik. He was a hulking behemoth of a Minotaur who wielded that massive sword as if it was a simple extension of his arm and at the head of the elven and dwarven armies he cut a swath through the hordes of dragons making the land safe again for the people of Kalijor. But he knew that in order to be truly safe, the land would have to be rid of the dragon king Tellamon. So the nameless Weaponmaster left his armies behind and forged ahead into the blinding snow and driving winds of the Southern wastes where, ant the top of the highest peak in the bleak night he faced Tellamon in single combat for the fate of Kalijor. On through the night they battled and it is said that explosions of magic and flashes of light could be seen as far away as the Burning Expanse and that the thunderous clash of enchanted steel on ancient scale and bone could be felt by the youngest of babes laying silently in their cradles as the world held its breath in anticipation. But it was not to be. Despite the dwarves best efforts, the mighty Zyrik was not powerful enough to smite the great king Tellamon. Until in one final, desperate act of selflessness, the unnamed Weaponmaster offered up his own life, forcing his heart and soul into one final devastating blow. It is said that the light from Zyrik’s blade shone like a beacon in the failing night sky and lit up the Gelid mountains like a thousand stars on the clearest night, and the great beast was undone and his grip on Kalijor was loosed forever. Of the unnamed Weaponmaster there was nothing remaining save or the sapphire he wore around his neck. As tribute to his strength and ultimate sacrifice, the sapphire was imbedded within the pommel of the great dragon slayer Zyrik and to this day, any who find themselves in the most desperate of conflicts with the life and freedom of many on the line can call upon the will of the unnamed hero and offer up their own life in exchange for the destruction of one who would threaten Kalijor.

This massive sword is nine feet long, gleaming silver, and bears a simple, but elegant handle, hilt, and pommel. Its only distinguishing feature, aside from its exquisite craftsmanship and balance, is the large sapphire mounted in the base of the pommel. There are a series of dwarven runes running down the blade’s fuller, however they are so subtle as to be almost unnoticeable except under extremely close scrutiny.

When used against normal foes, the weapon functions as a normal, albeit exceptional, weapon. However when used against any creature with draconic blood in its veins, the claymore will glow brightly whenever it comes into contact with the creature’s body. The swords is also able to block dragon breath attacks, causing them splay out away from the wielder of the claymore, as if some sort of magical barrier is deflecting it.