Mobius Industries

One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. Mobius Industries is the Sol system’s forerunner in communications, propulsion, and weapon systems for ships. The company opened its doors in the late twenty-second century as a contractor to the US/Chinese government’s space program and quickly evolved into a major power in the world’s corporate landscape as their technology pushed the human race outward from the Earth. No other corporation in human history has made more significant advancements in those fields and Mobius Industries is unique amongst all of the other major corporations of the world in that they have become so influential solely through the continuation of their original product line. Mobius Industries is known for practicing business very fairly, and their dealings with other corporations is always aboveboard, however their recruitment practices are extremely aggressive and once they set their sights on a potential candidate for employment, they will not back down at any cost. They have gone so far as to actually undermine other company’s public stocks when they refuse to let candidates out of contracts. Because of this, their average salaries tend to be on the exorbitant side as are all of the other perks and benefits. The CEO of Mobius Industries is a handsome, intelligent young man by the name of Mason Randal III.