Vital Statistics

Name: Hector

Other Names:

Location: Mars, Equitorial Region.

Permanent Population: 5 million

Transient Population:

Imports: Manufactured goods and materials of all kinds.

Exports: Food and medicinal plants and organic components.


One of the major Martian cities, Hector is located near the eastern edge of the Valles Marineris, a three-thousand mile long, mile deep trench that hugs the planet’s equator. Near the western edge of the same fissure lies the sister city of Achilles . The two cities are now in the process of enclosing the vast expanse of trench between them, nearly eighteen hundred miles, and terra-forming the floor of the trench into a rain forest. Hector is the agricultural capital of Mars, covering hundreds of miles of the surface of the pockmarked planet. Very little of the city extends far below ground as their livelihood relies almost solely on the sun’s rays shining through their many domes and windows.

Hector is the agricultural capital of the Sol system. Its massive, sprawling, hydroponic fields cover thousands of square miles. In reality the city is more of a conglomeration of interconnected, stand-alone farms, each contained within its own structure and linked together by a series of tubes and tunnels that allow easy transport from module to module. However, in the event of any catastrophic systems failures, each ‘farm’ can be cut off so as to keep its precious, life-giving produce safe.

Features/Places of Note

Hector has not one large, central spaceport, but rather, due to its sprawling size, it has established dozens of smaller spaceports scattered across its area. This allows materials to be more easily and quickly loaded up for transport off-world.