Vital Statistics

Full Name: Wyndel



Occupation: Mage

Date of Birth: 4788 years old

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 135lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Physical Description:

General Description

Aloof and contemplative, Wyndel seemed a great and powerful elf until his evil streak revealed itself when his wife Annwyn was revealed to be pregnant. Wyndel turned out to be evil to the core. He was cold, calculating, and methodical in his planning and execution. Once he set his sight on a goal he would do nearly anything to reach it, except play by the rules.

Elven father of Kilishandra Thorindal. Wyndel was mad with the acquisition of power and went so far as to try and seduce his daughter to the side of evil before she finally destroyed him in a battle that cost her own life. Wyndel was a masterful mage, specializing in the arts of necromancy and manipulation.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Deceased