Corporations of the Sol System

Aegis Online

One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. Aegis Online is a firm that is almost entirely dedicated to the creation of MMO’s and the technology associated with them. They are one of the major innovators in the computer technology field, constantly striving to push technology to the next level in order to support the next iteration of their MMO’s. On the software front they are highly regarded as one of the very best programming firms in the Sol system. »

Cold Fusion

One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. Cold Fusion began life as a nuclear fusion research organization that, through the years, evolved into various forms of production and other research. Their insights into fusion power cells allowed them to quickly dominate the mobile technology market and most mobile devices still use their power cells (or power cells based upon their original designs) to this day. The Cold Fusion corporation practices business honorably, but they treat other corporate entities as they are treated by them. »

Mobius Industries

One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. Mobius Industries is the Sol system’s forerunner in communications, propulsion, and weapon systems for ships. The company opened its doors in the late twenty-second century as a contractor to the US/Chinese government’s space program and quickly evolved into a major power in the world’s corporate landscape as their technology pushed the human race outward from the Earth. No other corporation in human history has made more significant advancements in those fields and Mobius Industries is unique amongst all of the other major corporations of the world in that they have become so influential solely through the continuation of their original product line. »

Quark Industries

One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. Quark Industries began life as a weapon systems research and development firm for one of the major world governments in the late twenty-first century. In the centuries since then they have branched out into every conceivable industry and area of research. Of the five major companies that are members of the Conglomerate, Quark Industries is by far the most well-liked by the general population. »

Solidarity Online

The company responsible for the creation, maintenance and operation of the Kalijor fantasy MMO. Despite Kalijor’s significance in the corporate setting, Solidarity Online is ~not~ a member of The Conglomerate. Although it remains uncertain if this fact is due to the Conglomerate’s decision, or if it is Solidarity Onine’s desire to remain unaffiliated. Solidarity Online operates dozens of different MMO’s all of which are very successful and cover a myriad of genre, but Kalijor is by far their most well known and successful game world. »


One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. T.R.I.P. (Technological Radiological Industrial Pharmacological)began life as pharmaceuticals company. They produced most of the major medicines and vaccinations throughout the past five hundred years. As time moved forward, they began designing new machines and methodologies for the evaluation and production of drugs and licensing these new technologies/processes to other companies. As they began to see those new markets open up they continued to branch out into new fields, eventually encompassing nearly every aspect of the average person’s day within their sphere of influence. »

The Conglomerate

A corporate government is an interesting prospect at best. The government of the future is formed by an elaborate interweaving of the top-level management from various corporations with extreme, and far-reaching influence. In short, the more powerful a particular corporation is, the more influential they are in the political landscape of humanity. Just as any corporation’s leadership is made up of multiple levels or layers of people, each holding more power or sway than those immediately below them, the Sol system’s government is made up of the CEO’s of multiple corporations, the more powerful the corporation is, the higher up the chain of command the individual is. »