People of the Future

Alina Martin

Vital Statistics Full Name: Alina Martin Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Independant Operator Date of Birth: February 23, 3015 Height: 5’10” Weight: 140 lbs Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Bright Green Physical Description: Alina Martin has a runner’s body, which she works regularly to maintain. Her naturally bright green eyes come from her father’s side of the family, and when she graduated high school, she purchased gene-therapy to change her hair color to match. »

Almon Genloe

Vital Statistics Full Name: Almon Genloe Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Crime Lord Date of Birth: October 18, 2990 Height: 5’11” Weight: 200 lbs Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Grey Physical Description: General Description Almon is a discerning businessman, with a pronounced ability to keep business, pleasure, and personal life, all in their own separate compartments. He dresses like a millionaire (which he is, several times over), treates his employees with respect, and his enemies, even more so. »

Anja Reyals

Vital Statistics Full Name: Anja Reyals Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Unknown Date of Birth: Unknown Height: 6’1” Weight: 350lbs (looks around 125lbs) Hair Color: Icy Blue Eye Color: Cobalt Blue Physical Description: Anja looks to have an athletic build, despite her weight which is caused by her unique body. She has long, tapered ears, light blue eyes and dark blue hair that, when unrestrained, reaches the small of her back. With the exception of her eye and hair color, and the absence of any tattoos she is an exact physical copy of Riana. »


Vital Statistics Full Name: APRIL (Actualized Personal Relativistic Intelligence Link) Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Pincher, personal support for Daray Bowen Date of Birth: January 1, 3047 Height: NA (About 6 feet in cyberspace) Weight: NA (Looks to weigh about 120 pounds in cyberspace) Hair Color: NA (Glowing yellow in cyberspace) Eye Color: NA (Glowing green in cyberspace) Physical Description: While cyberjacking APRIL appears as a six foot tall, athleticly built, glowing female with flowing, gravity-defying hair down to her waist and glowing green eyes. »

Bartholomew (Bart) Jankoweitz

Vital Statistics Full Name: Bartholomew (Bart) Jankoweitz Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Neuro-Psychologist Date of Birth: April 7, 3012 Height: 5’11” Weight: 185lbs Hair Color: Sandy Blond Eye Color: Icy Blue Physical Description: He is a tall man with sandy blond hair, fair skin and icy blue eyes. He is outgoing, very personable and gets very excited about new and interesting things concerning people’s brains and how they react to stimuli. »

Base Line

Base-line Humans are people that have less than 10% cybernetic parts (not counting cosmetic alterations that are easily removed) or less than 1% genetic alterations. These people are about as regular as is possible with no real special abilities or powers to speak of. Base-line humans make up the majority by far, more than 90% of the known population of the Sol system). »

Daray (Dare) Bowen

Vital Statistics Full Name: Daray (Dare) Bowen Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Pincher (corporate espionage expert) Date of Birth: July 18, 3047 Height: 4’9” Weight: 118 lbs (looks like she couldn’t weigh more than 90 lbs) Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde Eye Color: Dark Cobalt Blue Physical Description: Short and almost scary thin, Daray is actually a lot tougher than she seems. She has a look about her that is at once very pleasing to the eye and at the same time engineered to fade quickly from memory. »

Darren Owen Erricson

Vital Statistics Full Name: Darren Owen Erricson Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Private Courier Date of Birth: December 25, 3027 Height: 6’4” Weight: 180 lbs Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Hazel-green Physical Description: Physically Darren is in amazing shape. He has the toned body of a tri-athlete due to his regularly Parkouring around the Venus Station. He keeps his dark brown hair short and manageable so that he can be up and about, and looking his best, at a moment’s notice. »


Any person or persons who have either chosen, or have been forced to live ‘off the grid’. These people are not citizens of The Conglomerate and are treated as lower than second-class people by any Conglomerate personnel who may encounter them. It is technically illegal for Dissidents to enter, leave, or simpley be, inside any Conglomerate facility or vessel. Dissidents have no rights, no privelages, and are unable to own property, have jobs, spend money, or interact with Conglomerate citizens in any way. »

Emil Frederick, Phd

Vital Statistics Full Name: Emil Frederick, PHD Aliases: Avatar/Player: Occupation: Bio-Engineer/Doctor of Genetic Sciences Date of Birth: November 3, 2993 Height: 6 feet, 1 inch Weight: 190 pounds Hair Color: Dark brown, peppered with grey Eye Color: Bright hazel-green Physical Description: Doctor Emil Frederick is medium height and slightly overweight build, but not unhealthily so. He has bright, intelligent eyes, and a calm, caring demeanor. He dresses comfortably and ususally covers his attire with a long white lab coat. »