Vital Statistics

Full Name: Rhaeton



Occupation: Thief/Rogue

Date of Birth: 35 years old

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Fiery Red

Eye Color: Cobalt

Physical Description: Rhaeton was of average height for a half-elf, with dark blue eyes and flaming red hair.

General Description

Rhaeton was abandoned by her parents in the city of Pandoria at a young age, leaving her to fend for herself. She was jaded at an an early age due to circumstances but still tried to keep a sense of humor about her, even if it was a bit dry and had a mean streak. Once she called someone friend she would throw herself in front of any force to save them.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Rhaeton was a half-elf orphan living in Pandoria when Kilishandra was young, just out of the Magic Academy. Kilishandra caught Rhaeton trying to flee an angry cook after she had stolen a loaf of bread from his kitchen. Rhaeton was amazed when Kilishandra paid for the bread and sent the cook on his way, and then invited Rhaeton to stay with her until she could start earning some money and get a place of her own.

Rhaeton did eventually start making some money, using her skills as a rogue to help the defenders in Pandoria track down criminals and running scouting missions for them, but the two never parted ways. Rhaeton and Kilishandra had developed strong feelings for one another over the years and eventually consummated their relationship and agreed to live together forever. But it was not meant to be.

One day the two were confronted by an enraged mage who had somehow found his stolen spell book in Rhaeton’s belongings. During the confrontation that followed Rhaeton ended up stepping in front of a fireball meant for Kilishandra, who had entered the fray in defense of her lover, and died on the spot.

Decades later, she was reincarnated by a powerful mage named Wyndel, into a male Obscuri body. Wyndel filled Rhaeton’s head with images of Kilishandra and Ezrina and told him/her that he/she could have Kilishandra back if he/she was to kill her with a magical dagger, freeing her spirit so that the two could mingle forever in the afterlife. Twisted by his/her time in the spirit world, and the lies constantly spoken by Wyndel, Rhaeton took up the dagger and tracked down his/her former lover.

After he/she stabbed Kilishandra with the dagger, Rhaeton surrendered him/herself over to Kilishandra’s friends and told them the story of how he/she came to be there, and of Wyndel and his plans. They kept him/her locked up until Kilishandra and Wyndel destroyed one another, at which point Wyndel’s spell ended and Rhaeton returned to oblivion, his/her new body crumbling to dust.


Status: Deceased