Vital Statistics

Full Name: APRIL (Actualized Personal Relativistic Intelligence Link)



Occupation: Pincher, personal support for Daray Bowen

Date of Birth: January 1, 3047

Height: NA (About 6 feet in cyberspace)

Weight: NA (Looks to weigh about 120 pounds in cyberspace)

Hair Color: NA (Glowing yellow in cyberspace)

Eye Color: NA (Glowing green in cyberspace)

Physical Description: While cyberjacking APRIL appears as a six foot tall, athleticly built, glowing female with flowing, gravity-defying hair down to her waist and glowing green eyes. She glows brightly enough that no real features can be discerned, aside from her shape and her eyes.

General Description

APRIL is an expiramental Artificial Intelligence that hs been specifically designed to operate on organic hardware, that is, a human nervous system. She is extremely logical, and only beginning to understand the barest of human emotions. She is dedicated 100% to the health and wellfare of Daray, but has also been ‘boobytrapped’ with hidden bits of code in her base program that are triggered by certain, unknown to her, events. These ‘boobytraps’ are designed to keep Daray under the control of Solidarity Online and APRIL spends a considerable amount of her free time trying to root them out and eliminate them, but without a copy of her source code, she is having dificulty doing so.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


APRIL is, for all intents and purposes, a living super computer. She has full access to the entirety of human knowledge through a sub-space link to the internet. She thinks and processes information thousands of times faster than any human mind is capable of, and moves in and out of protected networks like a normal person walks through a park. She is incredibly insightful, but is quickly learning that all of the accumulated written works concerning the human condition and psychology will not help her understand, or predict human behavior with any degree of accuracy.

APRIL and Daray cyberjack together periodically when they are on missions, or APRIL is simply trying to teach Daray more about how the internet and networks in general operate. Although, more often than not, it is APRIL who handles most cyberspace operations, while Daray handles the physical stuff.

The pair, while they had an extremely rocky, and even resentful start, have grown extremely close, and are now the best of friends, almost siblings in their interactions. APRIL would do, or sacrifice, anything to help Daray, and not just because it is hard coded into her program, but because she truly loves Daray as a friend.


Status: Living