Vital Statistics

Full Name: Xanthe



Occupation: N/A

Date of Birth: 1 year old

Height: 4’ (15’ in length)

Weight: 900lbs

Hair Color: None (His scales are pearlescent/mother of pearl)

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: He is around fifteen feet long and four feet high at the shoulder. His neck is around four feet long and his body around three and a half feet. The rest of him is all thickly muscled and nearly prehensile tail that ends in a knot of bone that is shaped like a sharply pointed chisel or gladius. His head bears two long curved horns that sweep back from the top of his skull, and are about two feet long and bear extremely sharp points.

General Description

Xanthe is a curious creature. He is an Equun-Draco, or Horse-Dragon. He is fiercely loyal to Riana and her friends and would willingly sacrifice himself for her if he thought it would help her. He is extremely intelligent, understands common, elvish, and dragon languages perfectly and can make out the meaning behind what someone is saying in most other languages if given a few minutes.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Living