Anja Reyals

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Anja Reyals AnjaSolo.png



Occupation: Unknown

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 350lbs (looks around 125lbs)

Hair Color: Icy Blue

Eye Color: Cobalt Blue

Physical Description: Anja looks to have an athletic build, despite her weight which is caused by her unique body. She has long, tapered ears, light blue eyes and dark blue hair that, when unrestrained, reaches the small of her back. With the exception of her eye and hair color, and the absence of any tattoos she is an exact physical copy of Riana.

General Description

Anja is mean, spiteful, quick to anger, and quicker to start a fight.

Anja is a cyborg of extremely advanced design. Her bones are a composite of a titanium-like alloy wrapped around a honeycomb of carbon-fiber. Her muscle tissue is an advanced kevlar-like material and her skin is grown around interwoven layers of reactive fibrous armor. Her senses, muscles, and reflexes have all been tuned to their utmost capabilities, well beyond human potential and that of most cybernetic technology of the day. Her mind is interfaced directly with an advanced computer system that increases her comprehension, retention, and recall capabilities as well.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Living