Elkorine is a short sword that was forged by the elves that would later become known as the enigmatic Obscuri, long before the great wars. The sword has been carried by many individuals throughout its life, almost all of whom have become notable in some regard or other. The weapon has a tendency to turn up in the hands of the less likely people in history and is said to have a mind of its own, although no one can recall or find evidence of it. It is about two and a half feet long including the small, one handed handle. The blade is a dark grey metal, polished to a mirror finish that never seems to tarnish or fade. The hilt is made of a glossy black material that sweeps across the blade in an elegant arc with the tips pointed toward the tip of the blade. The handle is made of a material similar to the blade, although it is somehow soft to the touch and conforming to the shape of the wielder’s hand. The pommel is also a mirror polished glossy black material. The name Elkorine is written in elvish in a sweeping arc down the handle from hilt to pommel on one side, and the fullers of the blade are inscribed with ancient elvish power runes in a dialect known only to the Obscuri. The weapon is impossibly light, almost weightless, and perfectly balanced. It is, by all accounts, indestructible, and always razor sharp.