Nuiri Qatnio

(Noo-e-ree Kat-nee-oh) A Nuiri-Qatnio is the extremely rare occurrence of a child of a Psi-line and a Gene-line character, that inherits the majority of the genetic traits/abilities/features from BOTH of their parents. Most Nuiri-Qatnios die within 1D4 years of being born due to the extreme nature of the forces at work within their bodies. Those that do survive, usually have a difficult life ahead of them. Nuiri-Qatnios are feared by most people for their abilities and appearance, and to make matters worse, they are often afflicted with some form of mental problems. Nuiri-Qatnios are only able to reproduce with other Nuiri-Qatnios and there has not yet been a recorded instance of any child of two Nuiri-Qatnios actually having been born alive, they are all either still-born, or miscarried early on in the pregnancy.

These individuals possess a massive array of abilities, both genetic and psionic in nature, and are often physically extreme in appearance (meaning they have more than just the minor cosmetic alterations going on, usually extra limbs, armored skin, horns, tails, wings, etc.).