Digerati are the elite computer hackers and programmers who move through the net as if it were their own personal play space. True Digerati, not just elite (or claiming to be elite) hackers can move through computer systems, bypassing firewalls and other security measures with little to no effort. These cyber samurai tend to operate on a strict moral code that may make sense to nobody but themselves, but they stick to it no matter what. »


It is known that before the great war, the elves and dwarves lived in peace and harmony with one another. Their two great people ruled the land with grace, wisdom, and love for the land and all of its offerings. Both races welcomed the younger races into their arms and began to teach them the way of things, magic, art, culture, life. But as is so often the case, nothing lasts forever. »


In early 2250, T.R.I.P. enganged in the very first complete human DNA wash on a living, grown person. Before this event, any complete alterations of an individual’s DNA were made to zygot before implantation in a parent/host for normal gestation, or to be grown in an artificial womb. The only ‘live’ DNA alterations made before this breakthrough expirament were extremeley minor and took months, or years, to become outwardly visible. Things such as altering a person’s hair, or eye color, or skin pigmentation. »


Pinchers are the future equivilent of cat burglers. These individuals are skilled in many areas of subterfuge, hacking, breaking and entering, and other, similar activities. Pinchers are master thieves, able to break through the toughest of physical security systems and most computer security as well. While their computer skills do not extend into the same realms as Digerati they are still quite adept. While a good Digerati can break through sophisticated security and hop across networks and systems with the greatest of ease, the average Pincher will instead dance through the physical security measures to get inside where the computer security is nowhere near as strong as it is outside. »

The Astraeus Accord

Technical Information Full Name: The Astraeus Accord Aliases: The Accord, The Pact, The Astraeus Act, and ‘dammit, that.’ Date Established: December 21, 2721 Affected Parties: All Conglomerate Citizens, all citizens of ‘the Dregs’ General Description The Astraeus Accord outlines the relationship between The Conglomerate and the dregs. The accord details political roles and responsabilities of both parties as well as social and economical concerns and relationships. Under the Astraeus Accord, it is unlawful for any member of either party to engage in open fighting in any public location. »

The Battle of Titan

After The Purge it took years for those who lost their homes and families to find a place to put down roots and start building new lives. It was a long time in teh making, but eventually these people etablished a true community based in the asteroid belt. Being outcasts meant they could be harrassed without consequence or recourse by Conglomerate troops and personnel, so these outcasts, known as dissidents, did everythign they could to keep themselves from being found. »

The Blitz

Early in the year 2800, a series of gang wars broke out in Neo-Tokyo shortly after the Conglomerate withdrew from the city to consolidate power and provide an environment in which they could encourage the growth of a healthy black market. These rival gangs and factions all fought for control of the city and its underworld community. They fought in the alleys and on teh rooftops until their fighting spilled over onto the streets and required the Conglomerate to step in. »

The Future

A brief History of Humanity’s Rise Sometime in the late twenty first century, circa 2090, the human race took its first tentative steps off of their home world and began living in space. Their first off-world colonies were in space stations that hung in orbit around the Earth and her moon, Luna. Over the next three-hundred years they continued to branch out and expand across the solar system. New developments in propulsion technology made intra-system travel more like daily commutes, allowing people to travel between the Earth and Luna in a few of hours, and out to more distant planets in a matter of days. »

The Purge

As cybernetic and genetic technology advanced, the human race began a slow but stead divergence into multiple ‘post-human’ groups. The pace of the technology and alterations steadily increased over the years, creating larger and larger numbers of psychics or Psi-Lines, genetically altered or Gene-Lines, and technologically altered or Tech-Line individuals. These changes, combined with a slow but general acceptance of ‘post-human’ individuals continued widening the gulf between groups, but never truly allowed them to diverge into separate species. »