Tech Line

Tech-Line Humans are those who have undergone extensive bionic or cybernetic augmentation, to the extent that some have less than 5% of their original body mass still intact. Not all Tech-lines are completely mechanical however, although the majority are over 50% artificial. Many choose to use the more clandestine bio-system augmentations that keep them looking mostly human except for the odd piece here and there, such as a sensor antenna or mechanical eye. A great many flaunt their mechanical augmentations like badges of honor though, choosing augmentations that are obviously mechanical, and some of them overly large compared to their normal body parts.

Tech-lines have a myriad of abilities, based entirely upon their own idea of what they want to be. Some augment themselves for physical strength and resilience while some chose to add systems that make them much better hackers/ computer operators. Tech-lines cover these options as well as the entire gamut in between.

The government monitors Tech-Line Humans extremely closely in order to make sure an individual’s capabilities are well known. Any time someone wishes to undergo cybernetic augmentation they are required to not only obtain permission from the government but also to carry digital documentation concerning the nature and level of alterations. While nearly all forms of augmentations and alterations are detectable by scanners that are located in the entryways of all important structures and airlocks, it is still held to be better informed before hand than having to deal with issues as they are encountered.