One of the five corporations that make up The Conglomerate. T.R.I.P. (Technological Radiological Industrial Pharmacological)began life as pharmaceuticals company. They produced most of the major medicines and vaccinations throughout the past five hundred years. As time moved forward, they began designing new machines and methodologies for the evaluation and production of drugs and licensing these new technologies/processes to other companies. As they began to see those new markets open up they continued to branch out into new fields, eventually encompassing nearly every aspect of the average person’s day within their sphere of influence. They now operate in the fields of pharmaceuticals, communications technology, manufacturing facilities and technologies, and general technology including personal and commercial computer systems, mobile technology, spacecraft systems, food and other consumables, and much, much more. The company operates under a strict veil of internal secrecy, each and every employee signing specific nondisclosure agreements that allow the company to take action up to and including termination of an employee in the event of an information leak. This policy aside, this corporation operates extremely fairly and treats its employees extremely well. They only deal with other corporate entities when such is absolutely necessary, avoiding it at nearly any cost. The company’s CEO is a mysterious woman that is known only as ‘The Matron’.