Selendria is the name of Jumah’s magical weapon. It was forged by an ancient elven smith and has been passed down through his family for centuries. The weapon is a small shaft of about 4 feet in length that is capped on either end by a straight, narrow blade, each about 2 feet in length. The weapon is a powerful magical item that allows its wielder to parry or block magical bolts and other similar attacks, harmlessly dissipating them into the air around the weapon. However, the wielder needs to still have the skill and speed to get the weapon between themselves and the attack before this will work and as such this weapon is really only fully useful in the hands of someone with supernatural speed and reflexes. An additional capability of the weapon is its ability to be split in half a the center of the handle, making it into two short swords with longer than usual handles that allow the wielder to better handle multiple attackers or make multiple attacks themselves. This weapon is attuned to its wielder in a ceremony of inheritance that, once completed makes it so only the person to which it is attuned is able to hold the weapon. If anyone else touches it they will be dealt a severe blow to the heart that will kill most people outright. Anyone who survives the magical attack and holds on to the weapon will be dealt another blow, and another, continuing until they either die, or drop the weapon. Because of this, Jumah is extremely aware of where the weapon is at all times and will be instantly set on edge by anyone even looking at the weapon as if they might want to touch it. Selendria’s keen, magical blades will cut through just about any material that is not magically fortified or enhanced, including mundane weapons of event he highest quality and best craftsmanship.