Vital Statistics

Name: Ceres

Other Names: The Dregs

Location: The Primary Asteroid Belt (between Jupiter and Saturn)

Permanent Population: Fifty million

Transient Population: 500,000 to one million

Imports: Mostly consumer products and finer goods that are luxury items not produced locally.

Exports: A variety of raw materials and sub-components for starcraft, weapons, and facilities of all kinds.


The largest of the planetoids in the Asteroid Belt and home to more than fifty million people and families who choose to live ‘off the grid’ as disidents. Ceres is the heart of the Dregs, if there were such a place, and is where most business is conducted in the asteroid belt.

Ceres is also home to several large manufacturing outfits that are responsible for the majority of the goods and materials that are unofficially exported back to Conglomerate facilities. There are even several small ship yards in Ceres local space, making ships that are essentially illegal, unable to land in or operate around any Conglomerate facilities without first going through a tremendous number of hoops to be registered.

Features/Places of Note


Ceres is a member of the larger group known publicly as ‘The Dregs’. As a member of this community, it is subject to the same charter of operations as the rest of the community. Legislative/operational policy is decided by public assembly and debate that is presided over by a minimum of 99 heads of family.

Most policy is debated and decided upon by the council of family heads and once a decision is made and agreed upon, it is posted publically and can be stopped before it is officially inacted if 50%+1 of registered voters disagree with the resolution.

Similarly, any registered voter may bring a resolution before the assembly, make a case for it in teh public forum/debate, and have it posted as a proposed policy, at which point it is voted upon by all registered voters, including the heads of household that make up the current counsil of family heads. If such a resolution should receive 50%+1 positive votes from the registered voter base, then it is ratified into action.

Any resolutions can be repealed/removed from operation by similar means. Someone must publicly speak out at the forum to ask for its removal, at which point it is voted upon just like any act that is working to be made official.