Vital Statistics

Name: Venus

Other Names:


Permanent Population: Varies, normally around 200 million.

Transient Population:

Imports: Food, water, labor, machine parts

Exports: Heavy metals, minerals, silicates and other raw materials used in the construction of computers, weapons, equipment, and ships.


Venus is a violent and dangerous place for even the most well-prepared individuals. Its atmosphere is acidic and ranges from hundreds of degrees to thousands of degrees in temperature. Its surface is largely volcanic and is constantly buffeted by hurricane-force winds. All of this does not stop people from living on the planet however, as there are vast stores of heavy metals, minerals, and silicates, all of which are in huge demand throughout the Sol system for the production of ships, weapons, and computer systems.

Those that choose a life in this harsh environment, usually only do so for a short time, generally for a period of a few months to a couple of years. Anyone choosing to stay longer is often viewed as insane and relegated to the status of ‘hermit.’ There are only a couple larger, permanent cities on Venus and keeping them running is a full-time, and dangerous job that keeps an army of technicians employed. Most other residents spend their days in large, armored vehicles that serve as mobile extraction and processing facilities that roam the surface, looking for useable materials, picking them up, refining them into easily transportable units and then moving on to the next cache. Most individuals who do this for a few months can make enough credits to move themselves into a much higher standard of living for a few years. Working on Venus for a couple of years can set someone up for high living for the rest of their lives! Hermits tend to be people that either desire to be alone, are hiding from ‘the law’ or have just developed a compulsion for ‘the life’. These individuals tend to be eccentric or paranoid in the extreme and are often phenomenally wealthy, although they would never admit to it, nor take time to actually enjoy it, the calling of ‘the life’ is simply too strong for them to ignore! Venus is known throughout the Sol system as having some of the best bars and entertainment in the known universe!

Features/Places of Note