Vital Statistics

Name: Earth

Other Names: Mother Earth, The Cradel of Human civilization

Location: Third Rock from the Sun

Permanent Population: 0

Transient Population: 0

Imports: Nothing

Exports: Nothing


The cradle of human civilization. The blue-green gem in the night sky of every other world or station in the Sol system. Over five-hundred years ago the human race made a valiant attempt at destroying itself with the aid of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion weapons. They very nearly succeeded in this endeavor, only surviving because there were a few million people off-world when the war broke out.

Much has changed since that day, so long ago, but the scar of their heinous act still burns in the veins of every person that casts their eyes toward their once and former home, for no human being has set foot on the planet Earth since then as the radiation levels would instantly kill anyone who attempted to breathe its air.

Features/Places of Note




The cradel of human life and civilization, the Earth was utterly destroyed by a nuclear hollocaust when her offspring got into a quarral about how they should govern themselves. Since that day, nearly 600 years ago, the plane has been a barren wasteland, incapable of supporting life.


Imports: Everything. The Earth produces nothing at all despite its rejuvenated ecology.

Exports: Nothing. Nothing is produced on the Earth.

Population: Unknown.

Description: The Earth has had nearly five-hundred years to recover from its near annihilation. In that time, and with some outside assistance by certain parties, it has flourished; returning to a state of nearly untouched beauty. The Conglomerate has gone to great pains to conceal this fact from anyone else however, still publicly claiming that the planet is highly irradiated and unlivable across the entirety of its surface. No ships are allowed to descend to Earth’s surface under any circumstances and any that try are destroyed without question by a strategic defense system in the Earth-Ring space station. The only way to get to the surface is by using one of the two secret orbital elevators in the Earth-ring station. One of the elevators touches down on a platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the other near Taiwan, and both are secured facilities that are guarded twenty four hours a day by well armed military units that kill on sight anyone without clearance.