The Methuselah

Vital Statistics

Registered Name: Methuselah


Registered Owner: Aegis Online

Captain: Sean Flannery

Registration Number:

Manufacturer: Mobius Industries

Construction Shipyard: Venus Station

Launch Date: August 1, 3040

Make: Heavy Cruiser

Model: MI-XC05-CHC

Centerline: 1,258 feet

Beam: 348 feet

Dry Weight: 105,000 tons

Passenger Capacity: 35 officers, 1,750 enlisted, and up to 200 passengers

Cargo Capacity: Up to 500 tons, not counting auxiliary craft and ordinance/supplies

Sub-Luminal Drive Type: 16 High-Output Heavy Plasma

Super-Luminal Drive Type: Gravitic

Sub-Luminal Cruising Velocity: 44,000 MPH

Sub-Luminal Maximum Velocity: 50,000 MPH

Super-Luminal Cruising Velocity: 1.1c

Super-Luminal Maximum Velocity: 1.8c

Mean Earth-Luna Trip Time: 4.5 hours

General Description

The Methuselah is a massive capital ship operating in the service of Aegis Online. The ship is berthed out of the docks of Venus Station and can usually be found escorting Aegis Online cargo and VIP ships between Venus and Earth. Under the command of Captain Sean Flannery, the Methuselah is one of Aegis Online’s flagships, a brand new vessel, bearing the best technology available in the Sol system, from shields, to sensors, to weapons, she is unmatched in the black.

Sensor Systems of Note

Defensive Systems of Note

The heaviest ablative armor available on any vessel, and multi-layer energy shields that protect it to a degree previously unheard of.

Offensive Systems of Note

The Methuselah has hundreds of batteries of rail guns, mass drivers, energy cannon, and missile launchers. Six squadrons of six air-space superiority fighters, 18 heavy fighter-bombers, 48 unmanned combat drones.

Special Features of Note

1 large shuttle, 2 medium shuttles, 4 small shuttles



Status: In Service