Ambrai Valkyrie

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Ambrai Valkyrie



Occupation: Ranger

Date of Birth: 148 years old

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Fiery Red

Eye Color: Green

Physical Description:

General Description

Young and full of vibrant energy and lust for life, Ambrai was a Ranger of accomplished skill with both the bow and the sword. She led a group of adventurers for many years and was the best of friends with each and every one of them. Her zeal for life and adventure got the group into more trouble than was necessary but she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Ambrai Valkyrie was an elf that grew up in Pandoria and the Forest of Brume. She took readily to the arts of the Ranger, against her parent’s wishes for her to follow the family path of the Druid. In order to be less in their view, she took to adventuring at a young age and learned most of her skills in the world at large, from anyone who would teach her.

Eventually she fell into the company of Ezrina Reyals, and Kilishandra Thorindal and their friends. Eventually, Ambrai developed feelings for a human martial artist that traveled with them regularly and was in the middle of professing her feelings for him in an inn room in Rathalon when Kilishandra broke down the door and confessed her own love for Ambrai. In the confusion that followed this event, Kilishandra started spending more time away from the group and Ambrai pursued her love of the warrior, Vargrus.

Shortly thereafter, Kilishandra was stabbed with a cursed dagger by her reincarnated first lover, Rhaeton, and started sliding down the path to her eventual death. When Ezrina also fell under the dagger and a solution was proposed requiring another, uncursed individual, Ambrai quickly volunteered to assist. During the ritual she was exposed to Kilishandra’s true, raw emotions, and understood how much she really did lover her. But she touched on something else in Kilishandra’s mind, and realizing that it was the seed of the curse, quickly absorbed it into her own mind and hid it away.

After the ritual concluded and was declared a success, Ambrai went back to her life with Vargrus, harboring the secret of what she had done to save her friends. Over time, she and Vargrus bore children and as he grew old Ambrai realized that she would eventually be alone. She had second thoughts about her decision to refuse Kilishandra’s love, a love that would last for centuries or more, as they were both elf kind.

After Vargrus died of old age, the seed of evil long locked away in her mind cracked open and began to grow, fed by Ambrai’s feelings of doubt and loneliness. Eventually the darkness inside her took hold of her mind and she turned down the path of darkness. She exhumed the body of Kilishandra and reanimated it using magic she had stolen from a lich she had slain.

Divining the source of Ezrina’s ability to bear children and finding the amulet buried with Kilishandra’s body, Ambrai developed a plan to rekindle the love she felt she had denied herself all those years ago. She began slaying adventurers in order to recharge the amulet so that she might also bear a child of Kilishandra’s blood.


Status: Deceased