Digerati are the elite computer hackers and programmers who move through the net as if it were their own personal play space. True Digerati, not just elite (or claiming to be elite) hackers can move through computer systems, bypassing firewalls and other security measures with little to no effort. These cyber samurai tend to operate on a strict moral code that may make sense to nobody but themselves, but they stick to it no matter what. They tend to have a slightly skewed view of the world, seeing things from a digital, ‘whole world as one space’ perspective.

The majority of Digerati have no political aspirations or concerns and exist only to look for the next big challenge in cyberspace. While most do not care if others know their names or not, they will rarely stand for someone else taking credit for their own deeds. Some Digerati have been known to destroy whole corporations just to prove that it wasn’t someone else that did what they themselves have done.