The Kitsune

Vital Statistics

Registered Name: Kitsune


Registered Owner: Doctor Emil Frederick

Captain: Lana Frederick

Registration Number:

Manufacturer: Mobius Industries

Construction Shipyard: Titan Shipyard

Launch Date:

Make: Large Shuttle

Model: MI-LS18-C

Centerline: 121 feet

Beam: 34 feet (fusilage), 91 feet (wing-tip to wing-tip)

Dry Weight: 38,000 pounds

Passenger Capacity: 6

Cargo Capacity: 3,000 pounds

Sub-Luminal Drive Type: Twin High-Output Plasma

Super-Luminal Drive Type: None

Sub-Luminal Cruising Velocity: 50,000 MPH

Sub-Luminal Maximum Velocity: 58,000 MPH

Super-Luminal Cruising Velocity: N/A

Super-Luminal Maximum Velocity: N/A

Mean Earth-Luna Trip Time: 4 hours

General Description

The Kitsune is a brand new, top of the line, personal spacecraft equipped with all the luxuries. There is a private cabin with a queen-sized bed, and a private bathroom, with a shower, a general-use head, and a large multi-purpose room that functions as a kitchen, dining room, and media-viewing area. Passengers can also make use of the smaller quarters that is equipped with two double bunks that are larger than normal bunks, but still small.

The cargo area rests amid-ships, between the engine room and the passenger compartments. It holds a small amount of cargo, with approximately 150 square feet of floor space, and can be depressurized separately from the rest of the ship, although there is no dedicated airlock between the cargo hold and other cabins.

With her throttle open fully, she is nearly as fast as The Kestrel at sub-luminal velocities, able to make runs from Earth to Luna in 4-5 hours (as opposed to the Kestrel’s 3-4 hours).

The heart and soul of the Kitsune however, is a custom made, bio-neural computer system that is home to an expiramental Artifical Intelligence that has complete control of the ship and all its systems, as well as having access to the internet via sub-space transceiver. SEAN, the ship’s AI, is programmed to serve and protect Lana Frederick, and her father, Doctor Emil Frederick, who designed the bio-neural computer system that is SEAN’s home.

Sensor Systems of Note

The ship is equipped with the best sensors money can buy.

Defensive Systems of Note

heavy armor super-efficient energy shields

Offensive Systems of Note

two small, turreted, defensive laser batteries

Special Features of Note



Status: In Service