Vital Statistics

Full Name: Resonance (Real name unknown)



Occupation: Singer/Entertainer

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: Exact Height Unknown, looks to be just under six feet.

Weight: Unknown, looks to weigh around 130lbs

Hair Color: Metallic Platinum

Eye Color: Golden yellow

Physical Description: Resonance looks elvish, with a slight build and elegant features. She has long, tapered ears that end in delicate points and she appears to use them to express emotions much like the elves in Kalijor. Her actual hair and eye colors are unknown but those listed are the colors most commonly seen in her concerts.

General Description

Resonance is a wildly popular singing star that is known for singing in elvish. She performs across the solar system via holographic transmission and her shows include a great deal of powerful colors and imagery. Her songs are largely ballads although she does perform a few pop/rock songs as well. She is immensely popular and her concerts nearly always sell out across the solar system, despite the fact that, statistically, fewer than ten percent of her fans actually understand the lyrics to her music.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Living