Gregory Shantal

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Gregory Shantal




Date of Birth: Unknown (Assumed to be in his 70’s)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 515lbs (looks around 160lbs)

Hair Color: Grey/Silver

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description:

General Description

Gregory Shantal is a mercenary that has earned himself a well deserved reputation as a brutal and efficient soldier. He hires himself out to the highest bidder and does not care what kind of work they ask him to do. Nothing is beneath him, especially if the price is right.

More than ninety percent of his body has been replaced with artificial, enhanced cybernetic parts, including both arms and legs, all of his bones in his chest cavity as well as all major organs. His skull is artificial and protects his brain against shock and impact trauma. He has had many new items added to his cybernetic body, including radio transceivers, targeting computers, concealed weapons of various types, computer ICE breaking equipment and more. He is a ruthless and cunning warrior with an aptitude for martial arts and melee weapons. He is also known for his unrelenting pursuit of those who have bested him in combat, whether fairly or not.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Unknown