In early 2250, T.R.I.P. enganged in the very first complete human DNA wash on a living, grown person. Before this event, any complete alterations of an individual’s DNA were made to zygot before implantation in a parent/host for normal gestation, or to be grown in an artificial womb. The only ‘live’ DNA alterations made before this breakthrough expirament were extremeley minor and took months, or years, to become outwardly visible. Things such as altering a person’s hair, or eye color, or skin pigmentation.

By contrast, ‘Mary’ represented an entirely new technique and technology for genetic manipulation. For this test, a young transgendered male named Robert had nearly every aspect of his biology altered by computer controlled RNA retrovirus transmitters. The process involved a forced ‘flushing’ and ‘transfusion’ of the subject’s cells in an aquious solution designed to emulate the human womb during pregnancy. The process essentially involved the liquification, transfusion, and resolidification of the subject’s entire body through careful computer control and atomic manipulation.

The entire human race watched the televised event as Robert’s body was slowly digested, leaving not much more than his brain and spinal column intact, and was then rebuilt cell by cell into Mary, a perfectly healthy and biologically functional young woman. However it is important to note that while only human DNA coding was used in Mary’s reconstruction, it was made abundantly clear that any genetic code could be seamlessly intigrated into a person’s makeup, with no possibility of rejection or unforseen (biological) consequences.

This test case opened the doors for human customization on a massive scale and catapaulted T.R.I.P. to the top of the Conglomerate’s membership. Additionally, the ensuing rush of individuals seeking genetic reconstruction both ballooned T.R.I.P.’s net worth and began the slow spiral of the human race toward the events that culminated in The Purge.