Kilishandra Thorindal

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Kilishandra Thorindal




Date of Birth: 291 years old

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Metallic Platinum until the curse turned it a deep red, almost purple.

Eye Color: Violet

Physical Description: Kilishandra was tall for a common elf, she was friendly and outgoing, confident, and intelligent. She had a somewhat cynical sense of humor and was fiercely loyal to anyone she called friend.

General Description

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Kilishandra was the daughter of an evil elf that called himself Wyndel, and a kind hearted elf from Pandoria named Annwyn. After she was conceived, Annwyn fled from Wyndel and disappeared into the Cohai Observatory under the watchful protection of Master Gornin.

After she was born, Kilishandra had a fairly normal childhood. She attended the Magic Academy to study the arts of magic, and became a powerful mage in her own right; Unaware of the fact that her father was watching her always, from the shadows.

After the academy, Kilishandra fell deeply in love with a homeless orphan half-elf woman named Rhaeton. The two lived in an apartment in Pandoria for a number of years before, through the orchestrations of Wyndel, Rhaeton was killed while protecting Kilishandra from the attack of a mage seeking stolen property that had somehow found its way into Rhaeton’s things. Devastated by the loss, Kilishandra began wandering Kalijor aimlessly, and tried to loose herself for a number of decades, all the while growing in power as she practiced her craft.

Eventually she came into the company of a band of adventurers and they spent a number of years traveling together. Over time Kilishandra developed feelings for an elven ranger named Ambrai, and after she finally built up the courage to tell her of her feelings, she was crushed again as she burst into Ambrai’s inn room in time to watch her profess her love for someone else.

Crushed again, Kilishandra took to wandering the world once more, but this time she was joined by her close friend Ezrina Reyals, and the two grew ever closer over the ensuing years. Kilishandra eventually developed feelings for Ezrina but by then was so scared to admit her love to another woman that she kept it bottled up inside her.

On one of their adventures Kilishandra was stabbed in the ribs by an Obscuri who claimed to be the reincarnated soul of Rhaeton, brought back to do the bidding of Wyndel. He went on to say that the dagger was cursed and would impart a slow and extremely painful death on any who’s blood it tasted as their minds were slowly filled with hate and thoughts of destruction. True to his word, Kilishandra started going slowly mad, and her friends were forced to keep her unconscious to prevent her from hurting herself or others.

In an attempt to break the curse, Ezrina tried to destroy the knife, but only succeeded in pricking her finger, thus condemning herself to the same fate as Kilishandra. Finally a solution was devised, by which Kilishandra and Ezrina’s minds could be merged with that of a third person’s and together they could defeat the evil growing within them and destroy the curse. Ambrai quickly volunteered to help and the ritual was performed immediately.

Kilishandra and Ezrina’s minds were restored and the two professed their love for one another, spending a short few days with one another before Kilishandra found out where Wyndel was hiding, and rushing out to confront him. In a titanic battle, the two destroyed one another, Ezrina arriving just in time to hold Kilishandra’s body as she died.


Status: Deceased