Riana'S Body

Riana’s cybernetic body is arguably a product of the most advanced and forward thinking technology known to mankind. It is designed to almost perfectly mimic a normal human body in nearly every way as far as construction and structure are concerned, but enhances, strengthens, and builds upon that construction and form immeasurably. Her skeleton is composed of a carbon-carbon honeycomb that is laced/reinforced and sheathed in 6.6.2 Titanium. This makes her bones both extremely light, and incredibly resilient to breaking, shattering and other forms of damage.

Her muscles are made from a high tensile strength flexible fiber similar to Kevlar that is molecularly bonded to her bones at the appropriate attachment points. This allows her body to move in the same ways as a normal human body and have identical outward appearance but increases strength reflexes and flexibility thousands of times over the original model.

All of her internal organs are cybernetic replicas of the normal human versions, which save space and increase efficiency over said systems. Her cybernetic organs are capable of keeping her operating at peak efficiency for extreme lengths of time, bordering on indefinite, and are capable of filtering out toxins, foreign chemicals and all other such potentially harmful (Or beneficial) substances. Thus she is incapable of being poisoned but at the same time, a simple anesthetic or pain killer would also have no effect on her. She still has a rudimentary digestive system that is used to supply nutrients to her nervous system and epidermis, but her specific nutritional requirements are actually very minimal. She could conceivably live indefinitely on simple sucrose in the absence of normal or more plentiful sources of nutrients.

Her nervous system is a cloned human nervous system that has been fully integrated into the cybernetic body and genetically optimized for neurotransmitter speed and efficiency. Her neurons and brain operate at the peak of human potential, far beyond what nearly all human beings have ever dreamed possible. She has full use of one-hundred percent of her brain as opposed to the ten percent we generally use, although she is still limited by her ‘human’ experiences and is still discovering things about her potential on a daily basis. Also, integrated into her brain is a cybernetic computer interface that allows her to connect to and use external computer devices via direct mental input/control. This connection operates at the speed of thought (Just short of one-hundred eighty six thousand miles per second or the speed of light) and is a much more intuitive interface, especially for Riana as she is just now learning to use computers and electronic equipment.

Her epidermis is composed of alternating layers of a woven, high tensile strength fiber that is used in reactive armors. Her actual organic skin is grown on and through this layered weave giving her the look and feel of normal skin upon quick evaluation. However upon closer scrutiny her skin will be firmer than a normal person’s due to the material that is fused with the organic portion of her epidermis. Her skin is tear and cut resistant and will stop all small and medium caliber projectiles with minimal damage, and the reactive nature of the woven material which is linked into the computer portion of her nervous system will even help minimize the damage from larger projectiles and explosions/concussive force. The woven material is used in thinner layers in areas of her body that need to be more expressive/flexible or pass under more intense scrutiny such as the face, genitals, hands, toes, and joints in the arms and legs.

Her entire body is inhabited by trillions of nanites that constantly monitor and repair/maintain her body, repairing damage and making sure everything is normal. Whenever damage is incurred at any location, the microscopic robots rush to that location and begin effecting repairs. Their first priority is to stop hemorrhaging, then move on to repairing critical systems. Any bullets or debris that are detected inside the body, such as bullets, shrapnel and so forth are metabolized by the nanites and reused as base material for the needed repairs. Because the nanites break down these materials at the molecular level, there is no known substance that they can not absorb. These materials are used to construct more nanites, repair damage to the body and to produce other effects. Although Riana is not yet fully aware of it she is able to consciously control the nanites to produce desired effects such as taking control of security systems, invading remote computer systems without direct connection through her neural interface and a host of other abilities. The nanites are powered off of the tiny electrical currents within her body and are self replicating/repairing.

Statistically speaking:

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 350 pounds (She looks to weigh around 120 pounds but the density of the materials that she is constructed of adds significant weight).

Hair: Royal purple (Her hair is actual living hair that grows and its natural color is purple).

Eyes: Violet (Her eyes are artificial and allow her to see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums of light, as well as offering thermal vision and telescopic vision, she is able to read a 2 foot sign up to 2 miles away in daylight. In darkness using alternate vision modes her sight range is significantly reduced to around 1500 feet).

Physical Strength: With her inhibitor collar disabled Riana is able to dead lift up to 6000 pounds, and carry 2000 pounds indefinitely. With her collar turned on her strength is variable depending on what settings are used. She could have no muscle control at all, incapable of movement in any form, all the way up to just short of her full capability.

Running Speed: With her inhibitor collar disabled Riana can run up to 120 miles per hour indefinitely. With her collar enabled her speed can vary anywhere from completely immobile to just short of her maximum speed.

Jumping Ability: With the inhibitor collar disabled Riana can jump 15 feet straight up or 20 feet across from a standing position. With a running start she can triple those distances, 45 feet high and 60 feet across. With the inhibitor collar activated her jumping can be limited to complete immobility and range all the way up to her maximum ability.

Reflex Response: Her finely tuned nervous system, in conjunction with computer assisted response analysis allows Riana to react hundreds of times faster than a highly trained human. Her neurotransmitters conduct 500 times faster than normal human nerves. In addition, her ability to instantly analyze statistical probability enables her to act preemptively, anticipating opponent’s moves/actions and giving some people the unnerving feeling that she is somehow reading their minds.

Healing: The nanites in her body heal any small wounds/damage almost immediately. Small arms fire will leave marks on her body like ugly bruises, sometimes breaking the skin and drawing some blood, but these marks are usually repaired within an hour depending upon availability of nanites. Larger caliber weapons will penetrate deeper causing tissue tearing and greater amounts of blood loss. Large wounds like these are handled with higher priority by the nanites, but take longer to repair, typically 12 to 24 hours to erase all signs of the wound. If a bone or joint is somehow broken it can be repaired within 24 to 48 hours depending upon the thickness of the bone and the severity of the breakage. Repairs are prioritized according to severity and whether or not they will affect survivability.