Ezrina Reyals Thorindal

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Ezrina Reyals-Thorindal



Occupation: Mage/Mother, Self exiled princess of Pandoria

Date of Birth: 850 years old

Height: 6’

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Metallic Platinum

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Physical Description:

General Description

On the short side for a royal elf, Ezrina is an extremely adept mage with power enough that some think she has drawn the attention of the Obscuri. She is quiet and thoughtful most of the time but can be a bit bi-polar. She is normally very receptive to others and enjoys good company but sometimes she will suddenly dismiss herself and disappear for weeks on end, it is during these times that she cries he heart out for her lost love.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Ezrina is the mother of Riana and Katrina Thorindal. Ezrina was a member of the royal house of Pandoria, next in line for the throne, until she fell in love with one of her adventuring companions, Kilishandra Thorindal. During their adventures, Ezrina and Kilishandra had developed close ties, although Ezrina had no idea how close they actually were until she took part in a magic ritual to save the life of both Kilishandra and herself.

During the ritual their minds were temporarily merged and Ezrina was exposed for the first time to the breadth of Kilishandra’s feelings for her. After the ritual they were finally able to profess their love for one another, and after a few short days, Kilishandra went off to confront her father and they both ended up killing one another, leaving Ezrina heartbroken and alone.

In her will, Kilishandra left a magical amulet to Ezrina that was touted to have the ability to make the first female that donned it conceive a child born of her and Kilishandra’s blood. After many years of lonely soul searching, Ezrina decided to put on the amulet, and within a week she was with child. Knowing her family could never understand, or bear the public shame of her relationship and the source of her children, Ezrina denounced her claim to the Reyals name and throne. Moving to Cohai, she took up Kilishandra’s family name of Thorindal.

The twins were born in the Cohai Observatory not long after, and then the family moved into an apartment that her family anonymously donated to her in Rathalon.


Status: Living