Vital Statistics

Name: Jupiter

Other Names:


Permanent Population: Around ten million souls.

Transient Population:

Imports: People, Machinery, Medical supplies, Food.

Exports: Raw materials in the form of gasses and minerals mined from the planet itself and its moons.


The Jupiter community is not one single settlement or location but rather numerous bases and stations that reside on the surface of many of the planet’s moons, and in orbit around the planet itself. Jupiter’s primary function is the mining of rare gasses and minerals used in starship production among other products. Most everything extracted from the Jupiter system is transported directly to the Earth-ring station specifically for use in the corporate ship-yards there. There is one primary space station in orbit around Jupiter where all shipments are collated together and inventoried before they are shipped back to Earth. This is also where all imports arrive before they are divided up and shipped out to the smaller facilities.

Features/Places of Note