Katrina Annwyn Thorindal

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Katrina Annwyn Thorindal Katrina


Avatar/Player: Willhelmina Orlova

Occupation: Mage

Date of Birth: 38 years old

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair Color: Metallic Platinum

Eye Color: Golden Yellow

Physical Description: Physically, Katrina stands just shy of six feet tall and weighs in around one-hundred-ten pounds. She is fit, but spends the majority of her free time with her nose in a book. She has a thin frame and is not weak, but obviously spends very little time exercising. Her skin is the light color of an elf that spends most of her time indoors and under cover since the majority of their adventures have taken place within the city walls. She has long, metallic platinum hair that, when loose, hangs down to the middle of her back. She has bright, gold eyes and long tapered ears that are extremely expressive of her emotions. Her facial features are delicate, with high cheek bones and thin eyebrows. She is beautiful by most standards and spends some time trying to keep herself presentable, although the effort is really not that great, more of a passing concern that is quickly overridden by her studies.

General Description

Katrina is the twin sister of Riana Thorindal. They grew up together in Rathalon, getting into trouble and generally being kids. They studied together at the Magic Academy where Katrina chose to become a pure Mage, with a focus on spells of destruction and holding.

Katrina is friendly when approached, but normally looks as though she doesn’t want to interact with people because her head is almost always stuck in a book of some kind. She loves to sit in a tavern with her sister while she munches on light snacks and listens to adventurers wander in and out, telling their stories. She tends to be reserved around new people but always gives them the benefit of the doubt. Once someone has proven to her that they are not trustworthy, she will never be inclined to trust them again, but those she calls friend, and those in need will always take precedence in her life.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Katrina was born in the trade city of Rathalon to Ezrina Thorindal. Together with her twin sister, Riana, they grew up learning the ins and outs of the city and its surrounding areas. At the age of ten, their mother enrolled the twins in the Magic Academy where Katrina quickly found a love for the arcane arts.

While her sister was busy skipping classes to sneak out and learn to use a sword, Katrina threw herself into her studies. She quickly established herself as a star pupil and was moved into advanced classes. Over the years of her tenure at the academy she was given special access to some of the higher levels of the Great Library and allowed to assist in research of new and more powerful spells. She received high marks in alchemy and elementalism but decimated the curve in her incantations classes, consistently demonstrating that there was no spell beyond her abilities.

Her spell book quickly grew in size as she became more and more adept and was eventually invited to assist in the teaching of classes in preparation for becoming a full teacher at the academy when she graduated. However, she surprised the institution when she refused the position and instead, left the academy to travel with her sister in exploring Kalijor.


Status: Living