Emil Frederick, Phd

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Emil Frederick, PHD



Occupation: Bio-Engineer/Doctor of Genetic Sciences

Date of Birth: November 3, 2993

Height: 6 feet, 1 inch

Weight: 190 pounds

Hair Color: Dark brown, peppered with grey

Eye Color: Bright hazel-green

Physical Description: Doctor Emil Frederick is medium height and slightly overweight build, but not unhealthily so. He has bright, intelligent eyes, and a calm, caring demeanor. He dresses comfortably and ususally covers his attire with a long white lab coat.

General Description

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Emil Frederick is one of the foremost authorities on the human genome and its manipulation. He became widely known for creating entirely custom genes from scratch, at the young age of eighteen. From that point on, his destiny was sealed. His family all live and work within the structure of T.R.I.P., and their loyalty is without peer. So when Emil told them that he would not develop combat-oriented genes to create super soldiers for them, his life became a constant storm of pressure from all sides.

He designed custom genes for people to pay the bills for his private lab, and even designed Daray’s body for Solidarity Online, and remained on site to supervise her reconstruction. Much later in his life, he fell in love with a working girl, and agreed to pay her as a constant, personal companion in order to keep their love from the prying eyes of his family. The confluence of two separate events resulted in Emil’s need to escape T.R.I.P. and his family.

First, his tireless efforts in the lab succeeded in creating a gene that allowed an organism to temporarially absorb genetic characteristics of others, by touch. He hid this success by incorporating it in a recessive nook in the DNA of his lover, under the pretense of changing her hair color and giving her a vulpine tail and ears. The trait would not effect her, but had the potential to effect her offspring.

Second, after her reconstruction, she became pregnant with Emil’s child. A child which could easily bear the genes that he was trying so hard to keep from his family. So to prevent the possability of them getting the gene, not to mention his lover and his child, she arranged for him give her a regular steipend, and then disappeared. She changed her name and took up residence somewhere new, but for fear of their child’s safety, she could never contact him again.

Since then, Emil has cloistered himself away on Titan, working in his lab on personal projects and ignoring any and all communication from his family.


Status: Living