Gene Line

Gene-line Humans are individuals who have either undergone extensive genetic alteration, or are the offspring of extensively altered individuals. The extent of genetic engineering is almost unlimited and nearly anything is possible, from simply altering the color of a person’s eyes or hair, all the way to rebuilding their body from the ground up to be anything that is desired, from an elf to a minotaur,‘aliens’ and more.

Gene-line humans are by far the most serious threat to anyone trying to establish an understanding of the people they are dealing with. Since genetic alteration allows a person to look like a normal, Base-Line Human and yet, have several times the strength and endurance of a normal human being. The key is that not all genetic alteration is visible on the outside of an individual and because of this, anyone who ever receives any form of genetic alteration is required by law to carry documentation (in digital form on their personal ID chip) describing in detail, not only the alterations, but the name of the registered doctor that performed the alterations.

In addition to carrying documentation detailing their modifications, individuals are also required to obtain certification from the government that gives them permission to undergo the procedures in the first place. This applies to anything beyond simple cosmetic alterations, which the government does not care about as long as records are kept up to date concerning the individual’s appearance and DNA information.