Jumah Wataru

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Jumah Wataru Jumah Wataru


Avatar/Player: Vincent Torres

Occupation: Martial Artist

Date of Birth: 35 years old

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 225lbs

Hair Color: Blond, with very faint darker spots

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: Jumah stands six feet three inches tall in his human form and has a toned, athletic physique, light blond hair that falls to the middle of his back, and deep cobalt blue eyes. His hair has barely discernable darker spots in it and he wears a series of loose braids throughout then ties it all back behind his head to keep it out of the way.

General Description

He is a jovial fellow who follows his passions and helps those in need. He is a loyal friend and honorable warrior. If he has a failing it is that he is deathly afraid of telling people that he is a were-cheetah because of the negative opinions people have about lycanthropes in general. His race has been hunted to near extinction and he is loathe to reveal himself to anyone, even close friends.

He is fast without peer over short distances—so fast in fact that when he really puts effort into it, he can move faster than most people are able to see, making it appear as though he teleports. His were-cheetah blood makes him much stronger than a human and he heals so quickly that it appears that he can not be injured, unless he is struck by silver, magic, or magical weapons which will cause wounds that will heal roughly twice as quickly as a humans wounds.

In his hybrid form he is six foot six inches tall and twice as strong as in his human form. He is even faster and can maintain his speed over longer distances—several hundred feet as opposed to several dozen feet. In this form he looks like a felinoid, cat ears, cat tail, fur with cheetah spots, standing on two legs with claws on toes and fingers. There is no way he could pass for human in this form.

In his cheetah form he is a larger than normal animal at about seven feet from nose to tail tip. He has the ability to speak in rough, broken speech that is barely intelligible. His speed in this form is blisteringly fast, able to cover a mile of ground in a few seconds but requiring him to rest for two or three minutes before he is able to sprint again.

No matter what form he is in, his eyes remain their normal cobalt color and his hair is always a very light blond, making him look almost albino in his animal and hybrid forms, but for the spots and eyes. His weapon of choice is a magical sword-staff that breaks apart into two swords with elongated handles and short, thin blades. He is able to use the combination of the magical weapon and his speed to parry/block magical bolts/projectiles with no ill effect to himself.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note



Status: Living