Destra is the wicked, black sword wielded by Malice. It is a sword of similar dimensions to a bastard sword, although a touch longer. Destra was forged in a magical fire by a dwarven smith and quenched in the blood of innocents killed by ritual sacrifice. The sword is coal black from tip to handle, it’s only mark of color being a deep, navy blue sapphire set into the pommel of the weapon. It is capable of repelling a large variety of magical attacks and even magically assists its wielder in blocking said attacks, however it does not do well against magics that hold or bind the wielder physically. Destra has a keen edge that is capable of damaging most materials without too much effort, although it is not likely to just cleave mundane weapons into pieces if they are of high quality, it will however damage their edges quite readily. The weapon’s hidden talent is its ability to create portals to anywhere in Kalijor that the wielder has physically been before, allowing them almost instant access to a myriad of locations that might otherwise take weeks to reach through conventional means. This ability even allows its wielder to be transported directly into oubliettes (areas that are technically outside of Kalijor, like pocket dimensions), again, if the wielder has physically been to those locations before.