Samantha Cobb

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Samantha Georgia Cobb



Occupation: Medical Doctor and Doctor of Cybernetics

Date of Birth: February 18, 3008

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 135lbs

Hair Color: Dark Aubern

Eye Color: Hazel Green

Physical Description: Sam is a woman of medium height and build with dark hair and hazel eyes. She tends to dress simply but smartly and does her best not to draw attention to the fact that she is considerably wealthy, both by inheritance and from her practice.

General Description

She is a caring individual who has been drawn into a pretty bad place in her life by circumstances and a series of unfortunate ‘wrong place, wrong time’ events. She does her best to persevere and help what people she can with her skills, and her fortune, while she ponders ways to extricate herself from her situation. Sam is kind, sensitive, quiet, and reserved, which are traits that have likely served to keep her alive under the circumstances of her life thus far.

Skills of Note

Equipment of Note


Sam grew up priveledged, but never let it show. She worked diligently at her studies and graduated top of her class in the medical fields of human biology and cybernetic medicine. She had a burning deisre to help people who had been hurt in accidents and needed reconstruction but were unable to afford genetically created bio-systems. She pressed herself into service as a sort of miracle worker, performing body reconstructin and rebuilding to the less fortunate souls of Neo-Tokyo, where she quickly established a reputation as an extremely competent doctor who never asked questions.

Unfortunately, this reputation saw a trickle of much less savory people coming through her clinic doors. A trickle which quickly turned into a stream, then a constant flow, and before she knew it, she had become the go-to doctor for the criminal element of Earth Ring Station. This is a position that she neither wants, nor intends to keep, but she can not find a way to get herself clear without attaching a huge price to her head. As long as she stays where she is and keeps quiet, she is able to live quite comfortable, and still help out the occasional, innocent, underprivelledge person in need that comes through her door. The mob might not be filled with the most savory characters, but they certainly pay well. Money she can turn around and pour into her humanatarian efforts.

She walks a difficult, extremely thin line, but she is learning to live with it by the time Alina falls into her life and sets things to spinning in a very unfamiliar direction.


Status: Living