The Tyconderoga

Vital Statistics

Name: The Tyconderoga

Other Names:

Location: Earth-Luna L1 LaGrange point

Permanent Population: 8,000 souls plus or minus about 10%.

Transient Population: Maybe as many as a hundred, usually much less.

Imports: Everything

Exports: Nothing


The Tyconderoga is a large space station built and occupied by Solidarity Online. The station is positioned in the L1 Lagrange Point between Earth and Luna, and has been the sole facility of the corporation since it was brought online.

The Tyconderoga is a top of the line facility that acts as both home, and work place for the majority of Solidarity Online’s employees and their immidiate families. There are a variety of off-site personnel, but most of them work from private residences as Solidarity Online does not officially own any property outside of this station.

Facilities include a massive, fully equipped gym with a quarter mile track, several olympic size swimming pools, sparring rings, a multi-screen cinema, large open market area, and numerous five-star eateries. The top level of teh station is covered in a large, transparent, geodesic dome that allows an unprecidented view of the stars, Earth, and Luna, all at once. This Promenade deck is where the market and most of the restaraunts are located, with most of the other recreational facilities (gyms, theaters, etc.) located immidiately below this level. Under these facilities are the residential areas of the station, which include school/educational, and health care facilities for the station’s myriad residents.

The heart of the station, well away from any external bulkheads, or access, is the ‘game deck’. This is where all of teh computers that operate Solidarity Online’s various MMO games are located. Almost 80% of teh power consumed on the station is used on these levels, yet less than 10% of employees ever see behind the thickly armored doors that keep these systems secure. Below the ‘game deck’ are teh various other computer operations of the coorporation, security, finance, development, and the like. Below that are the operational levels where most of the power generation and environmental systems are located, as well as the loading, unloading, and storage of cargo and supplies. The lowest levels house the administrative operations, and the bottom-most point of the station is another, much smaller geodesic dome that houses teh office of Xavier Quinn, the corporation’s CEO.

Like most space stations, the Tyconderoga is a large, self-contained city all unto itself, and even generates/grows most of its own vegetables, herbs, and a large amount of yeasts and algea that is processed into nutrient rich foodstuffs for the local residents. There is still much in the way of imported supplies, however, as variety is important, and not everyone enjoyes eating pure protein all of the time.

Features/Places of Note