Hand To Hand Classifications

Class 1 These individuals are the top echelon of martial arts experts. They have dedicated their entire lives to the study of the martial arts and associated philosophies. Class 1 combatants are typically fifth degree or higher black belts in two or more styles and have studied extensively in multiple additional forms of martial arts. Through decades of devotion and constant practice they have become masters of their art, although they still constantly seek to hone their skills and develop new techniques. Class 1 combatants are typically able to defeat any other classification of combatant with relative ease, but they will almost always go to extensive lengths to avoid any such confrontations. They only use their skills if there is absolutely no other way around it. However, when they do unleash their power, it is a sight to behold.

Class 2 Combatants are individuals who have dedicated themselves to the study and mastery of themselves and the martial arts. These individuals tend to be more spiritual and in tune with themselves and their surroundings and through (usually) years of constant practice and self improvement they have achieved a second, third, or fourth degree black belt in a formal martial arts training program. Some street fighters can achieve this classification although it is rare to see. Class 2 combatants are generally able to defeat anyone of class 3 or higher rankings with little effort, although some particularly gifted Class 3 opponents may provide more of a challenge.

Class 3 Hand to Hand combatants are people that have achieved a black belt or above in a structured formal, or intense street training program. These individuals have chosen to fully integrate the martial arts into their daily lives on all levels and are extremely adept in combat. Class 3 combatants are able to defend reasonably well against class 2 combatants although they will have trouble pressing the attack against them. Class 4 and lower combatants are generally not a challenge against a Class 3 individual unless they are particularly adept at their craft and on the rise.

Class 4 These individuals are people with some form of structured or street-learned combat education. This would include municipal self defense programs, collage classes, or private lessons up to a blue belt in most formal training programs. These individuals are able to make a good showing of themselves in most situations against some Class 3 rated combatants, will be on generally even terms with other Class 4’s and will usually win hands down against any Class 5 combatants.

Class 5 People with minimal or no combat training at all. These people are barely able to defend themselves at the best of times.