Monomolecular Blade

The monomolecular sword or knife is an extremely expensive, and dangerous alternative to the standard swords and knives that have been around for centuries.

The basic idea is still the same however. To make a melee weapon that is as sharp as you can possibly make it and will, in the hands of the correct wielder, be an extremely effective weapon. In the case of these weapons there is a wire or filament that is formed from a super dense alloy (although really almost any substance will work as long as it is ferrous). The wire is extruded to be only one molecule thick and thus it will, when it comes into contact with other materials, act as a cutting edge of incredible power, acting on the molecular bonds that hold materials together. The final step in constructing a monomolecular weapon is to suspend the wire in a powerful, shaped magnetic field that keeps it rigid and able to be wielded like a sword or knife. These weapons are extremely expensive to produce, amazingly concealable (the wire is retracted into the handle when the weapon is turned off) and exceptionally balanced. However, they are dangerous in the extreme, to everyone near by, even he wielder. As such they are very rare to see.

Effective Range: Depends upon the length of the wire or ‘blade’, anywhere from 1 inch to 72 inches.

Maximum Range: See Effective Range. These weapons do not make good projectile or thrown weapons.

Payload: The energy source for the magnetic field is the only limiting factor for how long these weapons last. Older versions were powered by high density batteries or hydrogen fuel cells that would typically last 3 to 5 weeks with occasional use. Newer models are outfitted with micro fusion power supplies giving them an effectively limitless life span.

Weapon Class: A