Burning Expanse

Vital Statistics

Name: The Burning Expanse

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The Burning Expanse is a vast, flat, wasteland of scorching sand and heat. There is no water in the Burning Expanse save for a small oasis that is surrounded by high, impassable cliffs in the southeastern corner of the area. There are no roads here, no cities, no homes, and definitely no guards or patrols. The area is littered with giant scorpions, giants, snakes and other predators that have adapted well to the harsh conditions. The Burning Expanse is rumored to be the resting place of another of the five ziggurats of Kalijor where the ancient Obscuri artifacts are hidden away from the world. In the center of the Burning Expanse is a large fissure that drops away seemingly into nothingness below and it is within this fissure that there is a long-buried dungeon that adventurers frequent in search of treasures of all kinds. The dungeon is the ancient home of a powerful mage-turned-lich and is crawling with powerful undead of all kinds.

The Burning Expanse is a huge area of desert that lay south of the Southern Plain of Serenity and stretches to the south edge of Kalijor. On the western edge it butts up against the Endless Ocean and stretched far to the east until it runs into the southern tail of the Uraval Mountains.

Features/Places of Note

The burning Expanse has only two remarkable features. The first is an oasis, surrounded by high cliff walls in the bottom central area of the region, the other is a deep fissure in the sands a bit northwest of the oasis. The fissure is the entry point to several deep caverns beneath the surface where adventurers seem to favor looking for treasure.

This region is populated by tribes of creatures that have insect-like lower bodies and somewhat human upper bodies. They are a war-like race that tends to prey upon travelers, then use the equipment they scavenge from them to wage war against their own rival tribes.

There are also numerous desert species living here, mostly snakes, insects and smaller animals, a few birds of prey and the occasional larger predatory animals.

The average temperature in the Burning Expanse is in excess of 40 degrees Celsius with almost no measurable precipitation.