Isle Of Magic

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Name: Isle of Magic

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The Isle of magic is located two or three days sail from the Western shores of the Kalijor mainland. This island is where most of the world’s Fay folk have taken up residence in an attempt to remove themselves from the prying eyes of the overly inquisitive races of the world. The geography of the isle varies immensely from area to area, with steep treacherous cliffs dominating the center and an impassible barrier wall completely encircling the island. The land between these two barriers is lush and full of life of all kinds. There are dense tropical forests, stands of ancient hardwood trees, coniferous forests, open plains, grasslands, and tended orchards of fruit and nut bearing trees, all in different areas of the island, and all populated by various Fay folk, Faeries, Nymphs, Pixies, Sprites, Pucks, Satyrs, and similar. There is also a sizeable population of magical creatures such as unicorn, Pegasus, manticore, gryphon, and the like. Roaming the various treacherous mountain paths in the center of the isle is a variety of elementals representing all four schools. At the top of the mountain in the center of the isle is a large cave that descends deep below the surface of the island and is home to several ancient dragons that have given up their race’s millennia old racial feud and formed a loose coalition with as yet unknown purposes. There is no known way to access the isle of magic via boat or other physical conveyance, as anyone who has tried has never been seen or heard from again, presumably defeated by the impossibly high and sheer cliffs surrounding the island. The only know means of traveling to the island is via magical portal and precious few individuals know the secrets of such magic.

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